EYP methodology consists of Teambuilding, Committee Work, General Assembly, and Cultural Programme. Here you can find out more about the individual Session Elements.


    The event will kick off with an opening ceremony, where the event leadership can introduce themselves and the session’s vision to all participants. It is also a chance to interact with external guests, discuss the theme of sustainability all together for the first time, setting the base for the days of discussion to come, and get to know the participants and their diversity through interactive activities.


    During Teambuilding, the participants, in their respective committees, get to know each other through a series of activities and games. The experience-based pedagogy is used to build teams where the members, despite having never met before and being from different countries and backgrounds, can work together, building trust and principles of teamwork.


    Hosting an inspirational guest over breakfast is the best way to start the day. Participants will be able to learn from unique speakers leading in the world of sustainable development.


    An evening event with the scope of promoting intergenerational dialogue. Based on the well-known TedTalk format, the event is structured around 8' speeches from delegates, officials, and external guests on the topic of Sustainability and Activism. The aim of the evening is to raise awareness among participants on the value of intergenerational dialogue as a pillar of sustainable development. 


    Participants have the opportunity to interact with companies/start-ups/NGOs and discover how their corporate mission is enhanced by sustainability. The event is structured through individual digital rooms with groups of 20 rotating participants, to ensure a more intimate and spontaneous dialogue between speaker and audience. The final objective is to allow participants to learn new concrete approaches to sustainability and how it drives company strategies.


    Throughout Committee Work, the delegates analyse the topic of their committee, identify the problems linked to it and propose solutions. A lot of the discussion techniques used during Committee work are similar to the ones used in corporate teamwork. The output of Committee Work is a written resolution containing all the solutions that the delegates have elaborated during their discussions.


    Participants bonding over trivia, games and digital challenges is an important part of our program. The Game Night will provide some social time to balance the intellectual debates and activities.


    The last part of every session is a General Assembly, where the committees come together to present and debate the resolutions they wrote, in a parliamentary style, practicing public speaking. In the end, the resolutions are put to a vote, allowing all participants to voice their position on all the topics discussed.

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