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Image by Steve Harvey



In normal Sessions, the Media Team usually documents the Session Elements like Teambuilding and Committee Work with loads of photos and videos. Here at Milano 2021, we are unfortunately limited in using photos, as we can only see each other through the laptop screen. Here you can find the best photos and screen recordings from the session, as well as videos and documentation all session elements.


All Session Participants met right after the Opening Ceremony for General Teambuilding. The task there was to create an overview of the location of participants and to share a fun fact about their individual country.

The teambuilding game resulted in this Digital Map of Europe.


The Teambuilding gathered all of the participants of each committee together on Microsoft Teams, in their respective groups. The delegates were able to get to know each other through a series of selected games, hosted and curated by their chairpersons.

Digital Milano IS proves, that even during isolation and separation, people are still able to connect through different corners of the world if a common goal and value unites them.