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Inspired by a project in a turkish session drawing memories of EYPers, I reflected on the fact that everyone is kind of nostalgic of physical sessions, and I felt this “weight” specifically in Milano where our minds were sometimes directed at the memories we could have created if it was physical. I wanted to overcome this to go to a point where we tell each other stories about physical sessions and laugh about it, instead of being nostalgic or disappointed about the current situations. The whole point was to re-create the feeling of people hanging out and telling each other anecdotes about EYP, laughing or “aawww-ing” about it.


Juliana suggested we could do something animated, and we went for it, Ola said she could contribute with music and Candice would coordinate the whole thing and try animating as well. We received around 10 stories, had to pick the ones that were both doable but would also push us out of our comfort zones -we truly wished we could have realised them all, but it takes tremendous work to animate one single story. We still hope you enjoy these stories and remind yourself from the nice moments you had in EYP sessions.


Participants in this project:

Juliana: with Adobe Character Animator, built the characters on illustrator and did the scenes on after effects (a lot of work).

Candice: coordinated the brainstorming and took care of gathering the stories and the material that was necessary to the realisation of the videos, and also tried and failed to master the animating software


Ola: she helped to sort out the first big questions in the brainstormings we had, and dealt with the music, story writing, and voiceovers

Thank you for your answer!

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