The Opening Ceremony

The Programme

Programme 24th April | Online


10:00 – 10:30 Welcoming speech by the Project Managers (Elena Marro and Katerina Mucci) and introduction of the sponsors

10:30 – 11:15 Panel Debate, Moderated by the Session President (Rebecca Smith)

11:15 – 12:00 Welcoming speeches by the European Youth Parliament International Office, Session Editors, Session President, and Official Opening of the event.

Panel Debate Speakers:


  • Alessandro Profumo – CEO of Leonardo

  • Silvia Candiani – CEO of Microsoft Italia

  • Giuseppe Falco - CEO Boston Consulting Group Italia, Grecia, Turchia e Israele

The Project Manager

Elena Marro

It's our moment now to actively contribute and lead the way for a sustainable future.

The President

Rebecca Smith

Sustainability is not about being moral, it's about surviving and common sense.

Executive Director of the EYP

Anya Suprunenko

Whatever brings you here, we are so glad to welcome you in the EYP. Europe needs you and in so many ways you can achieve change.

CEO Microsoft

Silvia Candiani

Digital technologies are fundamental in order to reach our sustainable goals, specifically for measurements, energy consumption and circular economy.

The Project Manager

Katerina Mucci

For us sustainability means establishing a dialogue with the future.

The Editors

Lukas Ischlstöger and Jeroen Blom

I would like to ask every participant to actively shape the session, to enjoy the program and to take part in projects.

CEO Leonardo

Alessandro Profumo

The strength of the young generations is in the courage of the ideas and in the extraordinary devotion to your projects.

CEO BCG Italia

Giuseppe Falco

Sustainability needs a broad and olistic apporach. Investing in sustainability means creating value in the long run.