During EYP events there are a lot of exciting happenings and unique experiences. Each of us has our own perspective on them and it is hard to capture it from the 3rd person perspective, especially during an online event. That is why we would like to ask you to share with us some of your highlights from each day of the Milano IS. Afterwards we will publish some of them in the session magazine to show both the unity and diversity of our experiences during this very special event. The questions also are going to change daily, so we welcome you to leave an answer every day! 

By the way, all answers are optional, so you can answer all of them or just a few of them, it's up to you :D

A project by Ola Kowalewska (PL) and Anait Tsaturyan (AM)

Who are you? 

What was your most favourite event of the session?

Question from 30th April

Whom would you like to thank today and why?

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