The entire project is youth driven, and young people are involved in all stages of the project.


These are young students between 16-23 years old selected through National events in their home countries. Throughout the Session, they are split into different Committees engaged in tackling different topics on the model of the European Parliament’s Committees. They give the session a purpose and anchor point.


They are accompanying the national delegation to the event. Throughout the event they will be addressed a special programme aiming at sharing best practices, know-hows and considerations about the network so as to better off the organisation. They will join the delegates in cultural activities.


They are volunteers coming from Italy and abroad in charge of the event’s fundraising, logistics and actual implementation. They are led by three Project Managers and six Team Leaders who start working on the International Session project two years before.

Media Team

It is led by one or two Editors that have to manage a group of Journalists and capture the session in a variety of different formats, from visual output such as photos or session videos to printed magazines and leaflets. Moreover, they provide background information on the discussion topics for the delegates to offer a wider perspective on the session theme and topics. The social media channels of a session are run by the media team using them as a platform where they present the highlights and main discussion points from the session days.


They are the Committee Leaders and facilitate the work of the group. Before the session starts, the chairpersons write the Academic Preparation Booklet, which is a document presenting a general explanation of the major issues tackled by each Committee. During the Session, they guide the committee and its delegates through the different stages of the programme, walking by them for every step of the way.




Project Manager



Project Manager



Project Manager

Gloria Maria Cavalieri

"Since 1998 I have been a Milanese citizen until two years ago when I have been adopted by Venice where I am studying Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage.
The European Youth Parliament introduced me at both a professional and a personal level to a keen interest in international governance and human management and has always been in positive competition with my passion for sailing. In fact, since 2016, my commitment towards education, active citizenship and my involvement in Italian and international politics have been growing while developing greater social
awareness in my approach to reality."

Elena Marro

" Born in 1997 in Cuneo, I am a student currently enrolled in a Bachelor International and Diplomatic Sciences in Forlì. Having always been fascinated by the world of social and political relationships, I have found in the European Youth Parliament an environment where to develop my interests and to discover new ones. My path in the association began in 2014 and it has brought me to appreciate the potential of human capital and the intrinsic exchange of ideas according to democratic debate. "

Katerina Mucci

" Born and raised in the Eternal City, I am now 21 years old and studying Economics at Bocconi University in Milan. I have been an active member of EYP since 2015 and I am thrilled to be given the chance to present this incredible platform to a whole new generation of youngsters. Milano 2020 will be the perfect opportunity to broaden our horizons, step out of our confort zone and take on new challenges while learning the importance of civic and political engagement within our community. "

Filippo Bertolini

Finance and fundraising

Elisa Cappa Bava

Venues and logistics

Filippo Cretti

Welfare and grants

Giorgia Di Bello

Catering and utilities

Daniele Timpano

PR and communication

Gaia Palma

Institutions and guests

The Core Team

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