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Juanita Olaya Garcia

Dr. Juanita Olaya Garcia has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in the areas of sustainability, human rights and anti-corruption across the world which have made her a renowned expert in the field. Her specialty lies at the intersection between law and society. With a combination of organizational development approaches and systems thinking, she helps in her private practice people and organisations turning paper to practice, and documenting practice on paper, as well as supporting organisational and social change processes. She is a board member in various initiatives and a prolific publisher. Juanita is a Colombian/German lawyer (Andes, 1991) with master degrees in Economics (Andes 1995) and Public Administration (Harvard, KSG, 1998) and a Doctorate (Dr. jur) in International Public Economic Law (Bonn, 2010). She is also a performing musician.

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