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Extraordinary circumstances

call for extraordinary 




The COVID-19 crisis has had a big impact on European Youth Parliaments (EYP) events, which until then has focused on

in-person conferences. Quickly, the EYP has pivoted to offer online events, to continue its mission and offer meaningful online experiences for non formal education. Milano IS will be the first international session, the flagship event of EYP, to take place fully online, to offer a creative response to these challenging circumstances. This session results as the culmination of a whole year of selections carried out in 40 countries, first at a regional followed by national level. From Cyprus to Iceland, from Portugal to Russia, Milano will stand as a crossroads of cultures, experiences and ideas for a confrontation of mutual listening, ideological exchange and close collaboration. Nine days, a youth network and a common mission: to engage in redefining the world of today with the ultimate goal of shaping a better tomorrow.

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24th April - 1st May 2021 | Online







Circular Sustainability: rethinking today, shaping tomorrow

The 92nd International Session aims at fostering in-depth discussions on the omni comprehensive concept of sustainability, proposing itself as an open youth platform to share ideas, thoughts and best practices for a sustainable future through the activation of an international network.

More than 200 young people from all over Europe will have the opportunity to confront themselves first hand with the urgent challenge of sustainability intended in its most global meaning. The issues dealt with will touch more areas of interest, from its more tangible economic implications all the way to its social and environmental connection. The aforementioned topics appear to be closely intertwined, thus requiring a deep and joint analysis that leads to a definition of progress and innovation aimed towards a sustainable society. Participants will work together to develop a long-term vision for sustainability in which economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection go hand in hand and are mutually reinforcing.

Circular economy, renewable energy sources, green tourism, new urban governance, food security, fair access to energy and respect for human rights and capital: these are among the many topics in the foreground.

The event presents itself as an investment in youth and education, making awareness, information, ethical sensitivity, respect for plural diversity and international cooperation the fundamental ingredients to face the challenges profiled by an increasingly globalized and globalizing world.

Through a joint effort of active and  informed participation, the delegates will be protagonists in defining possible measures for the implementation of a sustainable development as a necessity of today and a guarantee for the future.


23rd APRIL  -


1st MAY 2021

Not just volunteering, but growing as a person


Not just debating a topic, but shaping society around it.

Year after year, new youngsters join the European Youth Parliament and are inspired by its international community.


In our regular evaluations, more than 90% of our participants indicate they have increased their intercultural and language skills, and even more feel more prepared to be

an active European citizen.


Through the concept of peer-to-peer and learning-by-doing education, we give young participants the opportunity to acquire long-term skills that will increase their chances in a future working environment.



Directly via eMail:


Filippo Bertolini

Fundraising, Finances and Event Coordinator


Gaia Palma

Public Relations and Event Coordinator


Filippo Cretti

Welfare, Grants and Event Coordinator


Elisa Cappa Bava

Venues, Logistics and Event Coordinator


Daniele Timpano

PR and Communication

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