Key Moments of the Session

EYP methodology consists of Teambulding, Committee Work, General Assembly and Cultural Programme. Find out more!

Leadership Training

Before the beginning of the Session the chairs’ team, the media team and the organising team will gather for a preparation training.

In this occasion the 64 leaders of the Session will have the chance to develop ulterior leadership skills, deepen their knowledge on the topic and exchange best practices with the rest of the team. The aim is to ensure the best academic and organizational quality for the Session.


During Teambuilding, the participants, in their respective committees, get to know each other through a series of activities and games.
The experience-based pedagogy is used to build international teams and establish principles of cooperation.


This event invites each delegation to set up a table with culinary delights from their country. Therefore, each delegation is asked to bring specialities from their region in order to set up their national eurovillage table. This is one of the most important elements of the cultural programme where diversity is positively presented in a perspective of understanding and curiosity.

Italian Night

Event consisting of a cultural dinner aimed at celebrating Italian culinary traditions and regionals’ diversities of Italy. It will be followed by an evening event focused on allowing the participants to grasp the Italian identity, culture, history and habits.

Committee Work

Throughout Committee Work, the delegates analyse the topic of their committee, identify
the problems linked to it and discuss possible solutions. A lot of the discussion techniques used during Committee work are similar are the same as the ones used in corporate teamwork. The output of Committee Work is a written resolution containing all the ideas and problem solutions that the delegates have elaborated during the Session

Cultural Day

The entire cultural day will be focused, on the one hand, on sustainable activities aimed at giving the participants the grounded idea of the concrete impact of the Session theme on their everyday lives, and, on the other hand, it’ll be focused on making them grasp the Italian beauty and culture, starting from the hosting city.


One of the nights will be dedicated to a long-lasting tradition of EYP’s Session, the delegates will be given the chance to express their creativity, and artistic capacities in front of the whole audience. Euroconcert is always an emotional and exciting event that deeply represents the spirit of the Session.

Opening Ceremony

A formal and institutional moment which marks the kicking-off of the General Assembly. During the ceremony politicians, academic and social experts, and main sponsors will deliver speeches to the participants.

General Assembly

The last part of every session is a General Assembly (GA). In GA, the committees come together

to present and debate the resolutions they wrote. In the end, the resolutions are put to a vote.

EYP Talks

A suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances by young activists, professionals and especially participants. They will address the audience by covering a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder and provoke conversations that matter.

Sustainability Fair

This event is meant to create a common ground where NGOs and firms have the chance to interact with the participants explaining their mission related to sustainability. The idea is to give delegates the opportunity of learning about activism opportunity and employment careers in sustainable firms.

Committee and Delegation dinner

Each delegation will eat together and some of them will be hosted by consulates and embassies.

Each committee - counting of people coming from different countries of Europe - will go together to dinner in different restaurants around the area of the hostel.

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