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In my opinion, sustainability is a strategy arising from the realisation that the old ideal of progress is not bearable for the planet nor the people, as it assumes illimited resources and it excludes a wide part of humankind. Therefore, it means rethinking the approach to all fields of production, politics and education, to safeguard the dignity of today people and ensuring the dignity of future generations.
Selin Beker
Sustainability can only be achieved through balance. We should take actions upon protecting the environment while also sustaining these actions. So the actions should also be sustainable in the context of societal sustainability.
Daragh MacLachlan
Sustainability is about reusing materials for the long-term, and
Sam Gorman Cooke
Sustainability to me means an entities ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. to achieve a cyclical nature in gaining and depositing resources and waste. clean green energy, dominant recyclable material, all electric cars and the extinction of fossil fuel burning. legislative regulation against practices that threaten this environment. on an economic basis the neoliberal psyche has brought famine, financial enslavement and a pandemic of carpet collapses, it has also imposed a belief of individual allowing billions to go without either food, water, housing or electricity. the rich pay the least in America, the richest three men in the world payed no income tax in 2020, and despite us being aware of the climate crisis in 1970 we as a population has doomed our children, our children's children, our species to eternal doom. I believe the eventual limitation of the private sector, the reorganization of society to provide what is needed not what is demanded is a crucial step in achieving sustainability. Economic sustainability and social sustainability intrinsically apposes the capitalist mindset of mass provision, consumption and unyielding growth. I firmly believe that the
I think Sustainability is truly an imperative in our society. Sustainability is not an abstract concept that will be achieved some day by who knows who, but rather a lifestyle everyone should immediately adopt in order to ensure a better present and a better future.
Croitoru Simina-Maria
In my life so far I didn't have the occasion to interact with activities, reports or events related to this topic, that's why I will rely on the dictionary definition of susteinability. I personally think that this goal is achievable, but not in the near future.
Alexander Lueg
Sustainability means to me using resources in a way that ensures that the next generations will have enough and – as nowadays we are consuming too many resources – reducing our impact on the environment in order to make the earth a better place for all.
Alexander Svanberg
Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Sustainability means not sacrificing our future generations for an immediate benefit of today
To me, sustainability means thinking every single day of our lives, about an action, that could help in order to change the world. Being sustainable also means caring about our future, as well as the future of our own world, which as to be preserved in all possible ways. In my opinion, the only right way to do that, as individuals, is to try and be more sustainable on a daily basis, so that, with a few actions, we are able to ensure a better future to both the humanity as a whole, and our mother hearth.
Michaela Nguyenová
Sustainability is no longer just an idea to better the tomorrow's world, but it is an absolute imperative all individuals of this planet have to follow in order for our society to further progress and foster a consistently improving and developing world. To me, sustainability means global cooperation of today's civilians to sustain the health of our world and prolong it as much as possible for future generations. It is a widescale topic, including not only the environment and climate change, but also the economy, cultural development and healthcare.
I believe that sustainability is one our best chances when talking about saving our planet. Starting with small steps and countinuing to go further, every person can have a serious impact in shaping our tomorrow by aspiting to sustainability. Every action matters, therefore it is important to act now and act together, if we want to live in a sustainable world and healthier nature.
Kakhaber Murvanidze
Sustainability for me means making sure that every resource we have and use are used so that we avoid the depletion of those resources so that the ecology is in balance, on top of that sustainability for me means meeting your own needs without compromising the future generations ability to meet their own needs.
buying secondhand as many things as possible
Senya Lukashenia
Being senseful, involved and aware to let my younger brother and sister see the snow, hear the birds, swim in the sea and breath cleaner air; fixing the consequences of past world greed and selfishness with active participation.
Sustainability for me is a contintous and consistant type of growth, which is not only available for us, but also for for the future and for the people that come after us. That these people have the same opportunities and benefits that we had when we were their age and that the people that come after them are also benefitted by what their predecessors did.
It is a very necessary matter that we must do to support life in every way.
In the global sense, it means living while protecting the natural resources, having politics, economic systems, societies that could last for as long as possible. The main idea of sustainability for me is creating and applying ways of life that are healthy for both humans and nature, universally. It is made of compromises but the benefits allow hope for the future, promise of a safe life for the next generations.
The human perserverence into nurturing and caring of all living systems in our planet.
Sustainability means harmonious growth, it means for the social, the environmental and the economic progress to develop hand in hand
Matviy Kotolyk
There are 2 levels of sustainability: governmental and individual. It is important to have legislations and laws that promote sustainability and help large companies transition to renewable energy sources, however, it is also crucial for every individual to be accountable for their own actions and try to stay sustainable in daily life.
Mustafa Alhamoud
sustainability is the idea of keeping something at a specific level with making sure that this thing does not change at a rate that could be unpredictable
Building a society where decisions take into consideration the life of those who will come
being mindful about one's own actions, surroundings and environment and always striving to be, do, think better
sustainability is what allows us to live well and which will also allow our children to live well
Casper Vantieghem
For me sustainability is the ability for nature, but also for humans, to create a system that can support itself for a long amount of time, without damaging other things outside this system.
Nikoleta Chapanova
Sustainability to me is ensuring we will have better future. Protecting our planet and communities. Living in sync with nature.
For me, it is really important. Personally, I am worried about the planet and my children, grandchildren... We should definitely start taking more care of Earth and be careful about materials that we use on daily basis. I find it really selfish when somebody says that it is not our problem but problem of future generations. My friend actually inspired me to care about this problem only last year and I am so thankful to her :) That is why I think that it is important to speak about how sustainability is important
Julia Wielgosz
Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do so too. For me it is a way of living, managing our work, taking care of our planet, and shaping our world.
Zofia Rozanska
sustainability is the only way of development and progress which considers new ethics needed for our humanity, which thinks long term and takes into account our new responsabilities, both to the planet and to future generations
Iman El Kaddouri
The infinite use of substances and resources by always renewing them without burdening the environment.
Short-term improvement without long-term detriment.
Lily George
Sustainability to me, is the guarantee that there are ways to look ahead to the future of this planet in hope and excitement, not in fear and disappointment. It means that we have the means to create a bright and exciting modern future in ways that we don't jeopardies future generations abilities to do the same.
Daniella Berglund
Creating something which can exist a long time, without damaging our environment or the people in any way, shape or form.
Matthieu Morin
Sustainability for me is a balanced way of life. It is the balance of all things so that nature, as well as humans, may endure and coexist.
What sustainability means to me is to be able to thrive in the present without compromising the opportunities of the future.
Something that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the future
Sustainability, I assume, is a goal we should strive to achieve. It is a difficult process, as while we attempting to become more sustainable, we must ensure that people working in the industries damaged by our attempts at sustainability so not lose jobs too much, and that we don't cripple the economies of the members states more than necessary. We must become more sustainable, that is definite; however, how we get there is very important.
David Teixeira
Sustainable energy sources
For me, sustainability means having a future.
Polina Denysenko
For me the most important and interesting topic is environmental sustainability. It is making decisions and taking actions in the interest of protecting the natural world
Defne Keser
For me sustainability is using the resources we have while keeping in mind that the next generation will need it to.
Georgia Ioannou
It means meeting our own needs without harming the environment and future generations lives. To maintain a balanced and constant environment as well as economy that will work harmonically, in a balance and benefit everybody.
Daniel Nastas
For me, sustainability is the capacity of a person or of a group of people to live through themselves, without the need to externalize any aspect of their lives. Also, sustainability is by default non-harming to the planet, since it's based on re-using and re-purposing material objects.
Samanta S.
For me, sustainability means completing and fulfilling the potential of human comfort in moderation with nature. <3
Teni Shittu
To me sustainability is our way of preserving and protecting both our future and the future of the generation after us. It's the voice we have to speak up against the unethical practices that are driven by greed. It is our way to use our power and will to change the world, to care for the earth that so dearly cares for us
Ruby Murphy
Sustainability means a way foreward in life which prioritises our planet's future.
living without violating future
Iona Lindsay
Sustainability is acting in an environmentally conscious way, by ensuring that all of our actions will not have a lasting negative effect on future generations
Lucy Roeland
Sustainability to me means being aware of the effects of our actions. By actively altering our habits into sustainable habits, like recyling plastics and reducing fast fashion consumption. It's the little things that collectively will make a large difference. Sustainability is opportunity.
Karel Zajíc
ability to live your life and produce in a way that gives the same opportunity to future generations
Natia Ninoshvili
To be sustainable, we must be able to fulfill our own needs without relying on others. putting future generations' ability to fulfill their needs in jeopardy own requirements We often need social capital in addition to natural resources. As well as financial capital Environmentalism isn't the only aspect of sustainability. We can also find it in most conceptions of sustainability. Social justice and economic growth are also issues that need to be addressed.
Filip Kleibert
Sustainability means not being the parasite of our planet Earth. I believe that we humans can achieve the level of not having to owe a debt to Earth and hence create a great society
Larissa Chiari
The only way to seek good living contitions on the long run, by tackling the issues of the present without aggravating those of the future.
preserving what we have for future generations
Sarin Sulahian
Sustainability, for me, means meeting our needs without compromising future generations.
Sven Li
Sustainability means being able to keep something going forever. Resources are limited, and we are rapidly running out. Therefore we need to make the world way more sustainable, for ourselves in the future, and for our children and our children's children.
looking after future generations and treasuring and being aware of what we have
Lucia Lanczová
Sustainabiiĺity means rejecting throwaway culture and feed the passion for protecting our enviroment.
Shahane Poghosyan
Sustainability for me is a guarantee of a safe future and general wellness.
Sustainability to means to use resources, immaterial or material, human or non-human, in a way that does not deplete the resource
Filip Rydell
In my opinion sustainability means, value social, cultural and economic resources for the coming future.
Just make it, without being ego-centric and egoistic. Other people exist, other generations exist. Other species exist. We have to co-live with balance.
Zuzana Augustová
a way to rethink the past, reconsider the present and reshape the future.
Beloslava Malakova
It’s composed of three pillars: social, environmental and economic; it’s all about meeting the needs of the current generation without hurting the future ones
long-term commitment to the environment - not necessarily the easiest way, but the way that ensures relative ease for the next to come as well
To me,It means rebirth.It means to take something old and turn it into something new,to help preserve the beauty of our world and ourselves.
Thea Tjolle
Protecting and creating a future for humankind and the planet which is supporting of our lifestyles
Storm Kamerbeek
Sustainablity for me is the recycling of the world, and therefore prolonging the time we can survive on our Earth a bit longer.
Christina Maria Polyviou
For me sustainability means preventing the loss or misallocations of valuable resources, which could have otherwise been directed towards the bettering of our natural habitants, our planet, not only for us but for the future generations as well.
Daniella Kantor
It means protecting our own futures and the futures of our children.
Looking into the future
Sabina Babayeva
A chance to move the progress forward without sacrificing the nature
sustainability means taking into account that present actions have future consequences
It means we invest in securing better, healthier and brighter future for generations beyond us.
Living life without sacrifing tomorrow.
tara byrne
sustainability to me means living our lives with doing as little damage or disruption to the natural world as possible and to allowing nature to flourish alongside us
Putting eco accountability on both individuals and corporations
Living so that our needs are met in the present, but without compromising the future generations.
security for the future
Only using resources at the same rate they can be regenerated, and generate waste at the same rate it can be absorbed by the environment
Thoughtful actions
Sustainability means creating a way of life that maintains us all today while protecting the lives of tomorrow
Corinna Alberti
Being at peace with all the things you do
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