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Alexander Lueg
Prior to the session I considered sustainability to primarily focus on the use of resources. Now, however, I believe that sustainability means more and by thus I do not only mean the other aims that are included in the SDGs. It's a way of life that is of utmost importance if we intend to have a better future. Sustainability can only be achieved if everybody contributes to it and although it might not always be easy to do so, sharing a sustainable life is something truly unique and beautiful.
My understanding about sustainability expanded. Sustainability can indeed cover every sphere in our lives. Also, I am even more confident that no matter the size of the acts, they have a big impact. How sustainable our world will be depends on the decisions and actions we take upon. And although I cannot make a fully accurate prediction, based on the people I met troughout the session, the odds are in our favour.
Before Milano, I thought sustainabilty was important in regards to economic, environmental and social development. I also thought that it would somehow come naturally. Now, I know that sustainabilty is essential and its implementation inevitable in all fields, yet not by natural order but by choice. Sustainabilty is a decision, that we all must take and nurture.
It made me realise how much the SDGs are intertwined and how I (as a single individual) can take steps towards sustainability.
By sharing opinions, experiences, points of view, knowledge and so much more with so many different people during this week, I had the opportunity to discover, think and change my mind on different topics. Some of the solutions and even topics I wouldn't have thought about by myself, hence I realize how much it allowed me oppened my mind to new ideas, new ways to think and more important new cultures. Sustainability is I believe now not only something we have to work for, but something we have to believe in and share as a community, by strengthening the bonds between each other, by taking the capacities and talents of each and everyone of us. Diversity is not an obstacle to sustainability ; it is the beginning of it.
Lucy Roeland
I started to wonder why I didn't use sustainable beauty and selfcare products before the session. Moreover, I understood that there are a lot of solutions regarding achieving a sustainable europe.
samanta (econ II)
My understanding of sustainability I think has envolved over the last week, I now view sustainability as a way in which any process in life could be carried out in balance with other areas of life and not jeopardise any part of its cycle.
Teni Shittu
Whenever I thought about sustainability the words everyone thinks came to my head, climate change, reducing plastic, no fossil fuels etc, but, Milano showed me sustainability is so much more. Sustainability is education, equality in wealth, it's development, technology, co-operation, it's everything. I've been opened to so many new avenues of sustainability that were unknown to me before, and I have Milano to thank for that
I've learned that sustainability affects everyone and everything. And the solutions come from everyone and everything. I always thought it was such a political issue, that the government has the weight of the world on their shoulders. Now I realize, it's about everyone. Comapnies, government, and individuals. We're all in this together. If we want a better world, cooperation between all parties is needed. Thank you ISMILANO21 for changing my view on sustainability and inspiring me to bring change into my world!
Kakhaber Murvanidze
Sustainability is doing the most with the resources we have but at the same time not overusing it and not using it in a useless manner. sustainability is making sure that everything we have right now is kept in great condition not just great, the best condition and we should do the best to ensure that, not only that but we should do our best to ensure that our next generations have the same and better resources and they have better access to everything that they want or need to get their hands on.
Beloslava Malakova
I knew that if we want to secure our future we will surely need to implement some changes- however, I did not expected to learn so much, before the start of Milano 2021 I knew the facts, what does sustainability mean on paper, now I can feel the importance of it deeper, and the importance of the coexisting of people, nature, economy, peace, mental health, and all the UN's SDGs trying to fulfill that mission.
for me, sustainability means connecting people who care about the environment
Polina Denysenko
Milano helped me understand more things and I'm proud of all of us. We did amazing work. Thank you EYP!
Lucia Lanczová
it is a way to save millions of lives and our planet. it is not only the right way, but the only way we can afford.
Julia Lipnicka
Milano IS showed me that sustainability is a much broader topic than I previously assumed. It doesn't only concern the environment, but also societies and economics. I also learned how to type it correctly ;)
Thea Tjolle
I now see sustainability as lasting change, we put effort in now so that future generations can reap the rewards
Milano helped me realise, sustainability is not just about the environment. Sustainability encompasses so many different topics, social, cultural, and others. Not only that... Sustainability affects every single one of us...
I used to think of sustainability as a concept only linked to the environment, this session has given me the chance to realise that it is something that encompasses all aspects of life and society and that is why it is important to discuss it.
Emma McMahon
Over this week, my understanding of sustainability has not only changed but grown. It is more than just a concept, it is about people, the planet and the future. It is about us, all of us, and is something we all must learn to adapt to and implement. I feel that I have begun my journey at Milano 21
Sabina Babayeva
It's the philosophy that unites people with a common goal of saving this world for the future generations
I understand better, as an immensely wide concept that includes concepts that are unbelievably important for any good kind of future...
Karim Tahawar
Milano made me realize that not only in climate change sustainability is important. Sustainability should be everywhere. In every institution possible.
Storm Kamerbeek
The most important thing i have learned is that sustainabilty is the future, but also NOW
Natia Ninoshvili
sustainability is something we can achieve together.
Karel Zajíc
It did a complete 180°
Your actions make a difference.
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